The IFA symbol stands for Expertise, Experience and Excellence within the aromatherapy profession. Safeguarding standards in training and practice since 1985.  
The IFA is the Oldest and Largest established governing body for Professional Aromatherapy in the world. Founded in 1985, we are very proud to hold our charitable status; registered charity number 327290. We have worked hard to maintain our organisation as a charity, as we believe it ensures true integrity. Our non-profit status means that all our revenue gets put back into increasing opportunities and benefits for our members.
国际芳香治疗师学会(International Federation of Aromatherapists, IFA) 是世界上建立最早且规模最大的芳香疗法专业官方组织,成立于1985年,并且成立慈善委员会(注册号 327290)。IFA 做事正直公平,无利润的运营使其可以将收入最大程度回馈其会员,增加机会和提高切身利益。(以上文字由芊柏集自然疗法教育中心翻译校对。)
The IFA is a truly international organisation with training schools and members all over the world. It is a self-governing body supported by its Members and Friends with official Codes of Practice and Ethics, ensuring that standards and quality are sustained. Since its formation, the Federation has been at the forefront of developments within the aromatherapy profession and has pioneered the use of aromatherapy in hospitals, hospices, special care units and general practice. We all work hard to set and maintain the highest standards in Aromatherapy worldwide.
IFA 是有着遍布全球的培训学校和会员的国际性组织,致力于芳香疗法的全球最高标准的制定。由会员和多方人士支持其自制体质,从而确保标准化和高品质。IFA一直活跃在芳香疗法应用领域的前沿,如医院、安养院、特殊看护中心等。(以上文字由芊柏集自然疗法教育中心翻译校对。)
IFA以专业标准来培训芳香治疗师,并为专业芳香治疗师制定了统一标准,确保所有的从业人员可以以专业的水准来进行工作。到目前为止,IFA 国际芳香治疗师学会一直不断地让更多的人了解芳香疗法并从中受益,并且不断地提醒从业人员不可忽视公共安全和遵守职业道德的重要性。