• 通过提供最高专业级别的教学、考试、培训以支持会员的专业发展
  • 帮助会员提升芳香疗法的艺术性、科学性、和实践性
  • 代表会员履行在政府和管理机构之间的作用
  • 确保专业芳香治疗师达到公众保护的最高水准
  • 促进公众健康的主流机构和其他健康专业组织的发展
  • 提升公众对芳香治疗师的认识
The mission of the IFA is :
  • To support the professional development of its members by providing education,examination and advanced training of the highest professional standards.
  • To serve its members while advancing the art ,science and practice of aromatherapy
  • To represent its members before governmental and regulating bodies concerned with aromatherapy
  • To accredit and register professional aromtherapists to ensure the highest standards for the profession for the protection of the public
  • To promote the growth and development of relations with mainstream and other healthcare professionals for the well being of the public
  • To promote and raise awareness of aromatherapy to the general public
 ※ 以上文字由芊柏集自然疗法教育中心翻译校对。